Online Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

We offer online counseling to couples looking for relief, repair, and restored connection.

We’ll help you overcome injury and distance in your relationship by leading you and your partner to engage with each other in a way that creates connection and healing.

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How We Help You

We specialize in working with couples and help you in the following ways.


We’ll teach you how to connect to your partner in both old and new ways. You used to have fun together. Recapture what made you love each other in the first place.

Communicate Effectively

So many couples fight continually over the same issues. We’ll help you break the cycle and equip you to productively navigate future disagreements.

Feel Like a Couple, Not Roommates

We’ll help you define what love and passion look like at this stage of your relationship and how to capture it in your daily lives together.

Experience Relief

Anger and worry dominate a relationship in distress. We’ll help you rebuild positivity so you can find friendship and support from each other again.

Choose Your Future

Some couples are at a decision point of whether to continue or end the relationship. We’ll help you understand the implications of your options and support you in making the choice that fits you.

Rebuild Trust

Trust can be broken in many ways. Learn how to repair the relationship and restore your confidence in each other.

Testimonials from Couples

“[Our therapist] was amazing at helping me process situations and my thoughts/emotions towards them. She did an amazing job of listening and helping me put pieces together to create a plan to move forward. Highly recommend!”


“[Our therapist] is excellent. She was insightful for both my husband and myself. Neither of us felt she took sides. She helped us to understand ourselves as well as our relationship MUCH better. I highly recommend her.”


“[Our therapist] has saved our marriage and is continuing to help us grow and learn more about each other and ourselves.”


“Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. This is a life experience unlike anything I have known.”


Counseling Resources

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