As we approach the holidays, stress can take over our everyday lives, often resulting in more marital disputes and discontent. There’s financial issues, having to deal with family, getting dressed up, or cleaning the house for holiday parties. The Christmas songs we hear on the radio take an unrealistically optimistic approach to this time of year. One day you may be singing along to your favorite song, the next you’re stuck in traffic and cursing Gene Autry for sounding so chipper.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve listed five things to be thankful for in marriage.

happy thanksgiving

1. Movie Buddy

This time of year is big for highly-anticipated movie releases. In your marriage, you have a built-in movie buddy. Sure, you may have different tastes in film, but this is a good way to practice your compromising skills, or even trade off (you see one I want then I’ll see one you want). Leave the kids with a babysitter, enjoy some popcorn together, and let your mind wander to a different world.

2. Personal Heater

Nothing makes a better radiator than a human body. On those cold winter nights, consider yourself lucky you have someone to cuddle up with to keep you warm. Try trading back rubs or reading together. It’s a great way to reconnect through touch and quality time.

3. Family Tag-Team Partner

Remember I said one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season might be dealing with family? Well, with your spouse around, you don’t have to do it alone. Your partner can help you stand up to your mom when she nags you about the wrinkly napkins that aren’t in napkin rings, or they can wrangle your rowdy children while you catch up with your cousin you haven’t seen in a year. Dealing with family can be a challenge, but with a supportive spouse, you can face the dreaded family gift exchange fiasco together without needing too much alcohol.

4. Automatic Plus One

Do you have a special event to go to? Ladies, be thankful you are guaranteed to get compliments on how beautiful you look all dressed up (hint, hint, gentlemen). And men, be thankful you have a woman to help dress you up. Imagine trying all by yourself to match a tie to a shirt or the right color socks with those fancy shoes you hate. You’re a team. A gorgeous, well-dressed, fabulous team.

5. Life Long Friend

Most important, no one accepts you, supports you, and loves you as much as your spouse, all year round. Not just in the special moments, or the sad times, or the most wonderful time of the year – they do it every day. And that is something to be truly thankful for.