Indiana State MuseumDuring the spring and summer months, it seems easy to find fun dates for married couples to enjoy with each other. The warmer months open up more options with a variety of outdoor activities; however, winter can be a bit more challenging. The weather may force you indoors, and if you’re cooped up too long, just being in the same space with your partner can feel quite stressful.

Here is a list of four winter date ideas to help you add a little bit of romance to your relationship. Hopefully, there’s a little something to appeal to everyone.

Explore Specialty Museums

Most metropolitan areas offer an array of museums, and the colder months are a perfect time to do some exploring with your significant other. Feeling artsy one day? Local colleges often have art exhibits for free while science and technology museums can be fun for those who like a more interactive experience.

Indoor Water Park

Speaking of getting in touch with your inner child, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, look for an indoor water park. What better way to remember summer fun than zooming down a water slide? You’ll go home feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way.

Weekend at a Cabin

Whisk your sweetheart away for the weekend with a getaway to a Brown County Cabin. You can enjoy the small town of Nashville, Indiana or just soak up the relaxing solitude and reconnect with your loved one. Make sure to take along conversation books such as “If” and a good bottle of wine.

Movie Marathon by the Fire

MoviesNot an outdoorsy person? Cozy up under a fuzzy blanket, pick out some favorite movies you haven’t seen in a while, and enjoy a relaxing night indoors. Some good ideas for married couples include Amelie, Dan in Real Life, Juno, Music & Lyrics, P.S. I Love You, and Love Actually. You can also go for some classics like An Affair to Remember, Roman Holiday, Pillow Talk, Some Like it Hot, or It Happened One Night.

Whether you’re braving the chilly air or staying indoors, you can still have a magical time with your spouse. The important part in marriage is sharing your lives and giving each other the time you both need to connect.