If 2020 has given us anything, it is a revitalized awareness of the importance of spending time with our loved ones. We have all spent time and energy reworking the structure of our lives to fit our new normal and keep ourselves and others safe.

Although date night is something that may have happened more often before this year, its importance remains. In the same way we have been creative with modifying our work setups and schedules, we can be innovative with date ideas.

Here are some ways to be as safe as possible while still spending intentional time with your partner.

A Night In

Of course the safest option in a pandemic is to stay home for your date night. Here are a few ideas to mix things up!

  1. Working together in the kitchen to whip up a new meal or dessert can be a way to connect. If you’re sick of looking through cookbooks for something new to try, watching shows such as Nadiya’s Time to Eat on Netflix can provide entertainment as well as some new ideas. Practice trusting each other to complete parts of the recipe, and try to refrain from criticizing or expressing ways things should be done differently. If cooking isn’t something you normally do, plan to order pizza or have something else on hand just in case things go differently than expected!
  2. Game nights are always a fun way to work cooperatively or engage in a little healthy competition depending on the game you play! Similarly, cozying up with your favorite drink and a puzzle can be a relaxing way to spend intentional time while also working together to complete a task. As you work together, notice and acknowledge the ways your partner contributes to completing the task at hand. Share in the excitement of finding that missing piece! Consider purchasing games or puzzles locally at places such as Silver in the City or or Family Time Games.
    If you’re looking for a night more focused on each other directly, but need some help figuring out what to talk about, check out the Gottman Card Decks App. The content of the app is based on The Art and Science of Love weekend workshop for couples. Make sure to take turns sharing answers! If you have trouble coming up with an answer to a question, it’s okay to pass, but remember to return to the question after you’ve had more time to think.

A Night Out

Many businesses have worked hard in 2020 to discover ways to continue operating while still maintaining the health and safety of their guests. Here are several options of things to do when the cabin fever hits!

  1. Enjoy beautiful lights and holiday themed events:
    • Indiana Historical Society’s hosts Festival of Trees. This event is available in-person and virtually, and runs through January 9th, 2021.
    • Create your own tour of lights by piling in the car, (don’t forget your favorite treats), turn on the holiday music and begin your own Christmas light scavenger hunt.
  2. If you’re missing your old date nights at your favorite restaurant but don’t feel comfortable going inside, you’re in luck! Many of Indy’s favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries have winterized their outdoor seating to allow for comfortable dining regardless of the season. Try ordering something you’ve never tried before, or have your partner order for you! Check out this article on Visit Indy to see a list of options!

Regardless of what you do together, keep in mind the why! Regardless of who you see here at Keystone Counseling, you’re sure to hear an emphasis on the importance of intentional time with your partner to strengthen your relationship.