Your wedding can be the happiest day of your life, the biggest headache you’ll ever have, or both! Wherever you are in the planning process, visit the links below for some handy wedding planning lists, tips, and advice on how to keep things running smoothly.

Bride & Groom by the Water

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist at

If you have never planned a wedding before, this checklist is a great place to start. Whether you opt for a classic church ceremony or a modern casual gathering, this page lists all of the frills for you to embrace, opt out, or make your own. The article includes a sample timeline and links to more detailed articles on the website.


Picking Your Wedding Date at

Choosing the perfect date for your wedding is more than just booking the venue. You will need to think about your guests’ availability, particularly for those who are traveling, as well as the time of day, time of year, and even the types of flowers that will be available for your ceremony. This page lists a short collection of articles about factors you should consider before finalizing your schedule.

The Wedding Budget Planner at

Enter your zip code to see a detailed breakdown of how much weddings in your area typically cost. This will give you a realistic idea of what you can expect to pay for everything that goes into a wedding, from the guest book ($37 to $98) to the reception venue ($2,200 to $5,800 in Marion County).

Should You Say “I Do” To a Wedding Planner? at

In this article, experts discuss why 19% of couples choose to hire wedding planners to organize their big day. A list of questions to consider can help you decide whether you want a professional to run the show or just a day-of coordinator to get everyone to the church on time.

10 Tips for Wedding Planning Grooms at

The majority of the wedding planning traditionally falls on the bride’s shoulders, but it takes two to make a marriage. A good groom should be fully involved in the process and help make the wedding day a success for everyone. This list can help inspire grooms to pitch in and set the tone for a marriage based on teamwork.

How to be a Bride Chill-a at

Everyone has heard the horror stories and seen the reality shows; the stress of coordinating such a big event can turn even the most relaxed partner into a bride- or groomzilla. This collection of tips includes taking care of yourself and not sweating the small stuff, which will help you keep your cool in the months ahead.

Wedding Trends for 2013 at

Wedding Cake
You might see more mint green, miniature food, and contemporary themes at this year’s weddings. Check out the article for more inspiration on making yours one of the hottest events of 2013.

Wedding Registry Central at

It may be tempting to register for top-of-the-line kitchenware and linens, but having a registry full of expensive items can alienate your friends and loved ones. Instead of making your guests feel obliged to spend $50 for a place setting, check out this list of tips for creating a wedding registry to help you focus on what the two of you really need to start your life together.

Wedding Etiquette at

Etiquette guru Martha Stewart features dozens of frequently asked questions from brides, grooms, family members, and guests. Browse through the archives to be sure you don’t make a faux pas before you walk down the aisle.

How to Plan a Blended Family Wedding at

If one or both of you have been married before, you may need some extra support in joining your families together. has some advice on making sure that adults and kids are all involved in the wedding acknowledging the new family you are building together.