Counseling for Couples Considering Separation

Considering SeparationOne of the most difficult decisions you can face is deciding whether or not to end a relationship. You have invested years of laughter, tears, happiness, and memories with each other, but now the struggles are beginning to feel like they outweigh the positives. This often leads to feelings of loss and hopelessness.

You may be asking yourself a number of difficult questions.

  • Is it time to let go?
  • Are we failing if we do?
  • Have we tried everything we can to make this work?

A couples therapist will lead you to discover the answers to these questions. They will assist you in defining what a healthy relationship looks like and whether your current relationship has the potential to reflect that health.
Couples who seek therapy as their last resort often benefit from the conflict management skills they learn during therapy, and even find they are able to increase their respect and appreciation for each other no matter the final decision.


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Considering Separation Counseling Topics

Couples counseling and marriage counseling for those considering separation usually lasts four to eight weeks. Topics typically include the following:

  • Making a decision about the future
  • Defining what a healthy relationship looks like
  • Maintaining appreciation and respect for each other
  • Learning conflict management

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