Couples Counseling For New Parents

couple with newborn babyHaving a baby is an exciting time filled with hopes and dreams of what your future holds as a family. You prepare for this transition with baby showers, decorating a nursery, and discussing a birthing plan. With all this focus on the baby, couples are often surprised by the pressure and strain put on their relationship and connection.

Most people understand they will feel fatigued, sleepless, irritable, and stressed once the baby arrives. What many people don’t anticipate is feeling out of control, unappreciated, neglected, and even lonely. As a result, many couples experience an increase in conflict and hostility, a decreasing connection with their partner, and a drop-off in the intimacy and romance of the relationship.

The good news is that all new parents face this same difficult transition, and seeking help to conquer it demonstrates your commitment to your family and your relationship. By going through couples counseling, you can begin to experience the family moments you desire and the simple joy of delighting in your new baby together.


New Parent Couples Counseling Topics

Couples counseling for new parents covers a number of topics and usually lasts six weeks to three months and is tailored to the specific needs of each couple. Topics typically include the following:

  • Cooling down conflicts
  • Building a strong friendship
  • Reinvigorating your sex life
  • Responsibilities & expectations
  • Defining parenting roles
  • Creating your family legacy

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