Couples Counseling Services

Common Reasons for Couples Counseling

  • Not connecting like you used to
  • Feeling more like a roommate than a lover
  • Continually fighting over the same issues
  • Angry more often than happy
  • Looking to other people for the attention you crave
  • Forgetting what first attracted you to each other
  • Not sure if you want to stay or go
  • Worrying how marital difficulties are affecting the kids

If you are experiencing any of these feelings, we can help. Explore our online counseling services listed below, or get in touch with us now for a quick conversation on how we can work together.

Counseling Process

1. Assessment Session

We ask lots of questions. You tell your story. Together we’ll define goals for therapy and set an expected meeting schedule.

2. Hard Work

Define new perspectives. Practice new behaviors. Update how you see your partner. Learn how to build a healthy relationship and how to avoid negative behaviors.

3. Wrap-Up & Maintenance

Goals for therapy are met and you feel confident continuing to improve the health of your interactions on your own. You might periodically schedule a session to prepare for an upcoming event, process a difficult situation, or as a refresher for some of the principles you learned in previous sessions.

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