Counseling for Couples Living Together

Marriage CounselingWhen you first moved in with your partner, you were excited about this next stage in your relationship. No more deciding whose place you’re sleeping at each night or living out of a bag. You were beginning to build your future together.

After time, though, living together has created unanticipated struggles and conflict. You may be feeling frustrated over how to make compromises in your daily routines, how to divide household tasks, or how to support each other in your financial responsibilities. These considerations, which may have seemed like small matters in the beginning, are now driving a wedge between you and your partner.

By going through couples counseling together, you will build healthy interactions so you can once again be excited about the future of your relationship, feeling confident that you can meet your partner’s needs without losing who you are as person.


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Couples Counseling Topics

Couples counseling for couples who live together covers a number of topics and usually lasts six to eight weeks and is tailored to the specific needs of each couple. Topics typically include the following:

  • How to effectively compromise
  • Defining expectations and responsibilities
  • Making life decisions together
  • Deciding the future of the relationship

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