Devan Armstrong MS, LMFT

Devan Armstrong MS, LMFT

We asked our marriage counselors a few questions about their work so you can get to know them a little better. Read Devan’s answers below.

What do you enjoy about being a marriage counselor?

I enjoy helping couples repair the damage in their relationship. Most couples I work with have hit an impasse and don’t know how to get back on track. I love coming alongside couples at this point to offer an objective perspective. I help them see all the small pieces that make up their interactions. When they’re able to break it down like this, I can see hope return to their eyes. Their problem doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.

After that, I enjoy helping the couple use their momentum to create new ways of interacting with each other. They’re able to make a series of small changes that add up to new results. My favorite clients are the ones who commit to the therapy process and see it all the way through. It’s exciting to see the transformation they make and how their interactions become so much more positive and affectionate!

How did you become a marriage counselor?

I started my career in therapy working with many different types of clients, including children, teenagers, couples, groups, and trauma victims. Over time, I continued focusing more on the types of clients that make me feel energized because that’s where I do my best work. This has always been couples for me. I have always loved talking about and analyzing relationships, so working as a marriage counselor is a natural fit.

Now I work with couples exclusively, and have spent thousands of hours in counseling sessions with couples over the past 12 years. By focusing on an area I naturally love, it keeps me invigorated and inspired. This helps me maintain a healthy balance in my own life and keeps me excited to continue improving at serving couples.

What are you most proud of in your work?

One achievement I’m particularly proud of is building Keystone Counseling to be the only couples-focused counseling practice in the area. Most therapy practices see all types of clients, but Keystone has thrived by specializing in counseling to couples. It’s a cause all of our marriage counselors are especially passionate about.

I’m also proud of earning an Approved Supervisor designation from the Association of Marriage & Family Therapy. This has allowed me to mentor nine post-grad therapists (and counting!). I truly enjoy playing a part in training up the next generation of therapists to be the best versions of themselves personally and professionally.

What are your technical credentials as a marriage therapist?

My credentials include:

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