Insurance for Counseling

How do I use my insurance with Keystone Counseling?

Upon paying our full fee up front, we will provide you with a detailed receipt. Submit this receipt with the reimbursement claim form you get from your insurance company. Claim forms are typically found in your account on the insurance company’s website. We are considered an out-of-network provider.

If you plan to file for reimbursement, you will need to call your insurance provider prior to scheduling your first appointment with Keystone in order to determine your carrier’s policy on covering counseling sessions. The number to call can be found on the back of your insurance card.

Please note most insurance companies do not cover relationship counseling, which is the reason we keep our fees lower than other counseling practices.


What are the privacy concerns of using an in-network therapist?

In-network therapists are required to share private treatment plans and diagnoses with insurance companies. A treatment plan is a document stating the course of action the therapist is going to take with a client.

Go to our insurance privacy concerns page to read a more detailed explanation.


What impact does insurance have on the therapy process?

When you and your therapist come together to form a plan, it should be tailored to your life and situation. However, when a therapist is part of an insurance network, the insurance will only pay for certain diagnoses. They will dictate the length and type of treatment they will pay for. As a result, the experience ends up being less personal and more generic. It may also require the therapist to record an incorrect diagnosis just so the insurance company will pay.


What are the risks of letting a therapist record an incorrect, but covered diagnosis?

Everything submitted to insurance companies goes on your permanent health record. This can have implications for future health coverage, certain career tracks, lawsuits, and can possibly affect schooling. Diagnoses that insurance companies will cover are typically more severe than what the client is actually experiencing, so it is best to have the most accurate diagnosis.

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