LGBTQ Couples Counseling

The therapists at Keystone Counseling treat all relationships with respect and dignity. Our goal (and passion!) is to guide you in improving the health of your relationship — as defined by you.

Same-sex couple
The topics we address most often in couples counseling are conflict resolution, work/life balance, improving sexual intimacy, and negotiating responsibilities and expectations.

As an LGBTQ couple, you face additional environmental and cultural factors that give these relationship struggles added stress. These may include:

  • lack of family support
  • alienated from religious groups
  • isolated in the workplace
  • societal prejudice

Most LGBTQ couples experience one or more of these sources of additional stress. These affect not only the common relationship topics above, but also how you feel about displays of affection, businesses you frequent, and what kinds of events you attend.

We will work through your relationship concerns in light of all these factors wherever they affect your particular relationship.


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LGBTQ Couples Counseling Topics

Couples counseling typically lasts 8-10 weeks can be tailored to the specific concerns you have for your relationship. Topics often include:

    • Discussing “hot button” issues effectively
    • Repairing after a fight
    • Lack of family or social support
    • Defining work & home roles and responsibilities


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