Marriage Counseling for Affair Recovery

Marriage Counseling Affair RecoveryWhen an affair is discovered there is a flood of emotions: fear, hurt, anger, shame, and even guilt. While an affair is an extreme crisis for a couple, it does not necessarily mean the end of the relationship. There are many couples that find a way to reconnect with one another and repair their relationship. They find a way to turn heartbreak into strength and make their relationship healthier than before.

This healing process does take time. It is not an easy task to recover trust, friendship, and hope for the future of the relationship, but with the right support and guidance it can be done. Marriage counseling can help both partners to express and understand their pain in order to begin to feel the promise of a happier and healthier life.

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Affair Recovery Counseling Topics

Marriage counseling for affair recovery typically lasts from six to nine months. It includes managing the intense emotions, dealing with vulnerability, examining yourself and the relationship, and practicing practical forgiveness.

Topics in marriage counseling for affair recovery include:

  • How to repair the relationship and rebuild trust
  • Defining the future of the relationship
  • Answering necessary questions for healing
  • Forgiveness
  • Accountability and boundaries

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