Marriage Counseling For Empty Nesters

“We spent so much time raising our kids, we forgot about each other.”

“We’ve lost that magic we had in the beginning.”

“I don’t know who we are anymore.”

Marriage Counseling Empty NestThe time when the last child leaves the house can be a difficult transition for many couples. Partners spend so many years raising children that they are jarred by the shift to living with only their spouse. Couples realize the closeness they once felt is gone and they encounter feelings of loneliness, sadness, and anger towards their partner.

Experiencing this lack of connection is normal, and asking for help shows a strong commitment to overcoming the challenge. Marriage counseling can lead you to rediscover a sense of romance with each other and regain the enjoyment you both felt before life became so busy and stressful.


Empty Nest Marriage Counseling Topics

Marriage counseling for empty nesters covers a number of topics tailored to the individual couple and usually lasts six weeks to three months. Topics typically include the following:

  • Increasing fondness and appreciation for one another
  • Building intimate connections and affection
  • Discussing hopes, dreams, and fears for this new stage
  • Diffusing and decreasing the frequency of conflict
  • Defining parental roles in the lives of adult children

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