Marriage Counseling

Marriage CounselingWhen couples come to us for marriage counseling, they often feel disconnected from each other, living more like roommates than like married lovers, and are constantly fighting. You may be experiencing the same and are wondering how you and your spouse got to this point.

The encouraging news is that it is not too late to regain the connection, trust, and happiness you want. Marriage counseling will help you rediscover the strengths in your relationship and rekindle the love and affection you have for each other.

Throughout the marriage counseling process, you will learn how to work through conflict in ways that help you both feel respected. You will also address the core issues that continually lead you to fight in the first place. Finally, you will learn how to move beyond the business of the relationship and connect to each other on an emotional level while rebuilding trust that you can meet each others’ needs.


Marriage Counseling Topics

Marriage counseling typically lasts 3-6 months and can be tailored to the specific concerns you have for your relationship. Topics often include:

  • Discussing “hot button” issues effectively
  • Repairing after a fight
  • Increasing fondness and appreciation
  • Determining your relationship goals and dreams

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