Premarital Counseling

We offer a premarital counseling program to help you get a healthy start to your marriage. The standard length is five sessions, though some couples do choose to go longer.

The premarital counseling program includes:

  • Initial interview session
  • PREPARE / ENRICH couples survey
  • Four working sessions

Initial Interview Session

In the initial session, you will go over the story of your relationship with your therapist. This is like a “get to know you” interview so your therapist can understand each of you as individuals and as a couple. You will also pay for your counseling package and receive your codes to take the PREPARE / ENRICH premarital couples survey.


Each person will complete the popular PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment. The cost for this assessment is $35 beyond the price of the counseling sessions.

Research shows that couples who take this assessment and talk through the results reduce their risk of divorce by 30%. The assessment covers a range of over 30 topics, including:

  • communication
  • conflict resolution
  • finances
  • spiritual belief
  • personality
  • family of origin
  • relationship dynamics

The assessment shows where couples hold similar perspectives and where they differ. This gives your premarital therapist a clear picture of your relationship and roadmap for the rest of your sessions.

Working Sessions

In the four working sessions, you and your partner will work through the results of the PREPARE/ENRICH couples assessment. You will spend most of the time digging into areas where your perspectives differ. Through that process, you will learn how to respect each other’s viewpoints and approach conflict in a healthy manner.


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Premarital Counseling
Frequently Asked Questions

premarital counseling question #3 What are the available times for the counseling sessions?

Appointment times are generally available from 10am – 7pm Monday through Thursday.

premarital counseling question # How long are premarital counseling sessions?

The initial interview session and all of the working sessions are 50 minutes each.

premarital counseling question #5 Will we work with the same therapist throughout premarital counseling?

Yes, you will work with the same therapist for all your sessions. Part of the goal of the initial interview session is to establish rapport with your therapist. This will give you a good foundation for your working sessions where you will process the results of the couples assessment.

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